Rwenjeru is a name believed from the word “Enjeru” meaning the white secret cow, goat, sheep and hen mostly used by freeing kings in 1400ad. It was used to cleanse bad evil spirits as they ran off wars and bad omen

The community-runs an Eco-friendly campsite which offers self- camping in a spacious and lovely setting. The natural camp site also has 3 rooms in a furnished country    house. There is also an option of hiring you a tent in case your desire is to have a night in a well suited tent. The meals served at the camp site are organically produced fresh from the gardens.

There is more to do other than camping, at this beautiful place perched on top of ahill.The land is owned by retired teacher born in 1910 now over one hundred years of age, and has amazing stories to share. He has planted medicinal plants he gathered all over Uganda, food and fruit, medicinal chlorophyll juices for health are on offer. This project also offers, guidedhill walks, goat roasts at the campfire, bike rentals for village cycling, traditional cattle watering experience (okweshera) this is whereyou finda traditional herdsman dressed in the Bachwezi attire. He welcomes with you with a smile and a POW lets go mining, you are given equipment to turn you into herdsmen and women, then you are ready to go and participate in the exercise.

On your way down to the dam you dig an ant hill soil, to smear the traditional clay made trough the purpose of the soil, isto enrich and flavor the water. The soil contains mineral salts dag deep from the ground, by the ants and appetites the the Bachwezi long horned cattle that lived in1500AD, the only specie in the world. After filling the trough using a traditional wooden bucket (Eicuba), the herdsman sounds a signal to call animals. Afterthe fire is made to produce smoke that scare off biting while, animals are resting after drinking taste mineral water.



Others are; bird watching on about 43 bird species, Local beer brewing and tasting, BBQ fish roasting at Rubare fishing village on Lake Mburo, most of the food is grown on the site, and you can choose to participate in the cooking, or just put in your order. Selfcamping, camping in one of our tents or staying inour country home or our traditional Banda’s are all options.